A company with tradition

Since it was founded in 1907, the family enterprise HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL with more than 750 employees today has committed itself to health as a central human legacy. Our range includes leading brands like doc, Biolectra, Anti Brumm or Cevitt, in which we are investing in the maintenance and expansion.  Our declared objective is to restore and sustain health with the help of self-medication products. Our passion is the development of safe and effective products which are extremely user-friendly and of an uncompromisingly high quality.

Highest quality standards

At HERMES, quality is of exceptional importance. Our products are manufactured in accordance with particularly stringent international pharmaceutical standards: starting with the choice of high-grade raw materials, through to painstaking galenic development and the production process itself. The TOPO granulation process, which is unique worldwide, assures HERMES’ its leading position in the development of pharmaceutical effervescent dosage forms. 

Research and development

Health expectations are constantly growing. With research and development, the quest for new product solutions and even user-friendlier dosage forms HERMES will continue to meet these expectations in the future. 

Our business divisions

HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL comprises the following two business divisions:

HERMES OTC International is a sub division of HERMES OTC: