Our mission statement

1. Health is our mission

HERMES accommodates the rising expectations that people have regarding their health by designing and developing new product solutions.
HERMES' environmentally and employee-friendly facilities and workplaces reinforce its health mission.

2. Change is our chance

Its openness to change and innovation, its courage in undertaking technological developments and its consistent focus on the needs for its customers have confirmed HERMES ARZNEIMITTEL's commercial competence from the very beginning. One example: the launch of new dosage forms.

3. Performance is our passion

We view the independence of the company and our employees as the foundation for our performance. This is why ongoing qualification training and investment in an organizational climate in which their potential can unfold and we can jointly achieve success are integral to the philosophy to which we subscribe.

4. Partnership is our work ethic

The collaboration with pharmacies, wholesalers and other sales partners, industrial customers, employees, and suppliers is an all-embracing partnership.
Our employees are central to our philosophy, and we respect their individuality.

5. Actively shaping the future

Relying on our tradition and our technological and commercial capability, we are in a position to safeguard our company's future.
We maintain the balance between proven success factors from the past and the flexible utilization of the success potential of the future.