Pharmaceutical companies set high ethical standards: human health is their mission.

HERMES Arzneimittel lends added weight to this objective by designing its production plants and working space in an environmentally and staff friendly manner. At the heart of this lies the sparing use of primary resources such as electricity, gas, oil, water, air and packaging materials. The aim is to minimize our ecological footprint – with success. After all, we are certified in accordance with ISO 50001 for good reason.

1. Organizational and technical measures help to significantly lower energy consumption. In practice: 21 per cent less energy used per tablet produced since 2006, 28 per cent savings per employee at the company headquarters. Measures such as the use of high-efficiency pumps for heating and cooling circuits, LED lights and heat exchangers, and targeted staff training are only the first step.

2. We do our utmost to avoid transport- and production-related waste from the very outset: For raw materials used on a large scale, we have joined forces with manufacturers and a special forwarding agent to establish resource-saving transport and storage alternatives. Where waste is inevitable, a recycling quota of 100 per cent was set and achieved. Cardboard packaging for transport purposes is therefore correctly sorted and completely fed back into the recycling loop just as are polypropylene, aluminium and foil remnants and scrap.

3. Water and air are vital commodities. For this reason, we treat them with absolute care. Air is first thoroughly filtered before it leaves the production facilities and is at least as clean as the intake air for our air-conditioning systems. The same applies for water. After passing through our waste-water treatment facilities, our production effluent is almost as pure as drinking water.